Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trend With Benefits: Little Leather Details

Redbook 10/04/2012

Shannon Greer

A few reasons to add some leather to your life:

When rich leather and soft fabrics get together, it's a lovefest. Here's how to wear the hot fall fashion trend.

1. Squeezing into leather pants? Not that appealing, unless you're 22, a size 2, or Joan Jett. Leather-trim pants? Fantastically cool (and way more elegant) on everyone.

2. These looks have the chic of an all-leather item, but none will massacre your budget.

3. And thanks to leather-clad bad girls everywhere, the pieces on these pages deliver an instant hit of dangerous allure, but you'll still look like you. Keep Reading For More....

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Trend With Benefits: Little Leather Details

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